Hi, I’m Krissie

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When I first learned that harmful chemicals, banned in Europe, are plentiful and common in the products I was using every day, something clicked inside me. As I sat in a conference for health teachers in the Fall of 2015, learning that products I’d been using on myself for over 35 years and my son since he was in my belly, were linked with cancer, dementia, infertility and pretty much every other disease and disorder on the rise in America, I was horrified.

I was truly overwhelmed

I felt mad, sad, guilty, and emotional all at the same time. I had just been through my first of several miscarriages and not one doctor or expert had known enough about this issue to dig a little deeper and check to see if I knew how to choose safe options. I mean, I’m a HEALTH teacher, an educated person, and I was completely shocked to learn no agency was regulating the personal care products I’d been smothering all over my body for decades!


I’ll never know

…to what extent my personal care products impacted my ability to have a family but I do believe something my dad always said: “The best we can do is the best we can do.” It IS a piece of the puzzle and, actually a very empowering place to start. Once you know your tools, you can decide - almost 100% - what goes onto your skin (and INTO your bloodstream). The truth is, many times I wanted to burry my head in the sand, but once I knew about these toxins, I couldn’t unlearn.

I jumped head first into looking for a new way

I searched and searched for resources and organizations I could turn to for buying guidelines. I took courses, read books, researched the history of our personal care industry, listened to audiobooks… I sought out companies who were making non toxic products - ones I knew I could trust across the board to have integrity and be transparent in their ingredients and processes. I intentionally set priorities and limits on what I was willing to buy for my home. I learned how to actually break my family’s risk factors into data that was measurable and within my control and I set about decreasing our “body burden”.

We are healthier than ever before

  • I struggle less with weight and brain fog.

  • My son and hubby are thriving. (I probably have the only 5 year old on the planet who knows what sunscreens to avoid and asks me to read the label on soap in public bathrooms.)

  • I buy products with complete confidence.

  • I’m building a business that empowers others, brings them powerful health changes, positively impacts future generations and the environment!

I can help you feel this change as well

If you are the person in your home who decides what products you’ll bring into it, you have a VERY important role. It may, on most days be thankless. I mean, not often do you get a “thank you” for remembering to buy toilet paper or toothpaste but what it comes to WHICH products you select, you can have a significant say in the overall wellness of your entire family.

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If you identify with one of these, I can help

  • You know about the toxins in home products and are wanting to “clean” up your body before trying to get pregnant

  • You and a partner have been trying to get pregnant for a while and are looking at ways you can have more control over your fertility and overall health

  • You are currently pregnant and want to make sure you’re doing everything within your power to make sure your babe is born with a truly fresh start at a healthy life

  • You already have children and, as a busy mom, could use some help saving time and money while selecting products you know will be safe for your growing family

Getting some support along your“Path to Pure” is easy

Everyone has a different starting place, different needs and goals and their own style of transitioning toward non-toxic living. Click below to explore ways I can help.

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Ten random facts about me

  1. I had my first and only child, Jacob, at 39

  2. Finding my hubby, Joe, was a long journey; I dated online for almost 7 years

  3. I’ve slept on the streets of London and sung for money in Ireland

  4. I hate beets, shoes at the bottom of the stairs and wearing gloves/hats

  5. I didn’t know I wanted to be a teacher till I was 29

  6. My dream is to take my family to remote Thailand and sleep in a hut ON the water

  7. My hubby and I were both born in Anchorage, Alaska (5 days apart) but didn’t meet till we were 38 in Washington state

  8. I love cake, crumpets, crab and coffee (yes, all my favorite foods start with C)

  9. I cheated on my rail pass and got kicked off the train in Spain

  10. I love making pottery and jewelry

    Bonus: The two places I feel most powerful are in the stern of a canoe and in an airport with a backpack on my back.