Transition to safe products.

Improve your family’s health.

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Spa Hour

The goal of this service is to empower you with some knowledge about toxins to avoid, free resources to analyze personal care products and get familiar with some safe alternatives. I walk you through the steps of an organic facial that will leave your face feeling amazing!


  1. Contact me and set a date

  2. Invite up to 5 friends if you choose (or keep this a 1 on 1 thing).

Bonus: Share some referrals who might also be interested in a spa hour and get a free nontoxic gift.


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Detox Coaching

The goal of this service is to empower YOU to analyze your current products, decide which ones to switch out, develop a budget to transition to safe products (over as many months as you wish) and to select quality safe products that will decrease your and your family’s “body burden”.


  1. I email you clear worksheets and resources

  2. We have a series of 3 phone calls where I walk you through the process of vetting what you’re using now. You make your own decisions about how to switch to safer products.

  3. I help with suggestions of safe alternatives that honor your budget over the course of 3 months.

Bonus: 10% off one Pure Haven order if you choose to use it.


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Full Detox Service

This service has the same outcome as Detox Coaching but rather than you doing the work to analyze your products, I do it for you.


  1. We have a call about your needs, your family members, and your budget

  2. I come to your house (must be within 1 hour drive from Vancouver, WA) and analyze all your most commonly used products. (approximately 2-3 hours).

  3. I’ll compile a report of your current “body burden” and give suggestions to decrease that so your entire family will have LESS link to future disease and disorder. I’ll share report via email and discuss it with you over the phone.

  4. You make all final decisions about what products to switch and when.

Bonus: 10% off Pure Haven orders for life when you join the Preferred Club.