Why might I consider joining Pure Haven as a Consultant?

  • Simply put, this company is AWESOME. I'm incredibly proud to work for an organization doing so much good and with so much integrity. We're working to educate and empower, to make the marketplace safer for everyone and to offer an exciting, generous and flexible business opportunity to hundreds of people across the nation.

  • As a Consultant, you get 30% off anything else you want (That's the base commission. The percentage goes up to 50% depending on how much you sell).

  • You earn free and discounted products a lot if you sell. I can provide my family with ALL of our personal care products at NO COST every month through my Pure Haven business.

  • Our product quality, customer service and guarantee cannot be beat!!! I always feel like this company has my back and wants me to succeed. When I need help or have a question, they're there and they back their products 100%.

  • Training is free. There is a ton of training on through online tools. I'd be your upline and in charge of training you personally, as much as you'd like (3 training calls is typical).

  • Incentives!! From trips to cars to monthly prizes you can earn a ton of stuff. The sky is the limit and YOU are in charge of your own success.

  • WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD. It feels awesome to have positively impacted hundreds of families. Every time I share our mission and our pure products, I know I’m improving someone’s overall wellness and teaching them the tools to make safer choices!

What comes in the "Kit"?

  • Our "kits" are AMAZING! There are 3 options to chose from to get started. You can start for as little as $199. All kits include all the business materials you need to launch your own business! I’d be happy to have a conversation with you about your plans for the business and help you figure out which one would best fit your needs.

What if I don’t want to sell or I’m not sure I can?

  • There is no pressure to sell. Many people buy the kit and have no intention of starting a business but for those who could use a few hundred extra dollars a month, this is an amazing opportunity. You can participate at any level you wish!

  • You keep your Consultant status as long as you sell at least $500 in product every 6 months. If you don't, your status as a Consultant just drops off. You owe nothing, it's not bad, the company just assumes that you're not making it a business at that point.

Are there any ongoing costs?

  • The only ongoing cost is $4.95 for your website and that's only if you want the capability of hosting workshops and running it like a business.

Is there support? I don’t know anything about this!

  • Yep! So much support, there when you want it. I created a free training program and the company has a lot of training videos and scripts and periodic trainings on Zoom.

  • We have a huge Facebook community, a great nation-wide team, and a rapidly growing team here in the Pacific NW. I've made some fantastic friendships through this company and I adore helping others' grow their businesses. I'd love to have you on my team!

  • I would work directly with you to do your Launch. There’s a set presentation you can use from Pure Haven and I’d share my tips. I can even come and help if you want.

  • I’m in constant contact with those on my team who are active. You’d always have me as a resource, just one text away.

Sign me up! What do I do to get started?

  • Go to my website and, instead of clicking SHOP, click BECOME A CONSULTANT. It will guide you through the process. You will need your bank info so Pure Haven can direct deposit your check every Friday!

  • If you have any questions at all, just email me.

Want to learn more?

Lately I've had a lot of interest in the business so I decided to create a video that really explains the process of becoming a Consultant and a little bit about what it would look like to get started. Here you go!