Posted on my Facebook by devoted customer, Lori about our Eye Cream:

"I just have to tell you, (of course you know this already), I have been in possession of Pure Haven's eye cream for 2 months, while I used up my Olay Regenerist eye lifting serum. Well I used Pure Haven's eye cream today and it is AMAZING!!! I felt the area around my eye tighten as the cream dried, immediately. I am so impressed. I never felt that with the Olay product I used. I just hoped for all these years that it was doing something to eliminate fine lines around my eyes. I felt the difference with Pure Haven's eye cream."

Posted on Facebook about Pure Haven Deodorant from a new customer, Alicia:

"I want to give a shout out to Krissie Lenahan! I'm loving my deodorant from Pure Haven! I have noticed my irritation from other products is leaving after using for 1 month. My husband has even got his own product. And it doesn't leave white residue everywhere! I'm so Happy with the product and Krissie!!! Thank you!"

Shared on my page by Customer Shannon about our Baby Cream:

I am so pleased with the baby cream I ordered, Krissie! Matthew's skin is sooooo dry and we have had a rough time finding something to keep it moisturized and keep the eczema away. Since starting using the baby cream last week I haven't had to use the Vaseline at all to keep him moisturized. Rather than finding daily patches of eczema requiring cordizone, I am only finding them occasionally. I am so thrilled to find something natural, organic and non-chemical for daily use with him.... Thanks so much!! 😊

Message from a new customer, Kennedy, about our amazing Skincare after I sent samples:

"I just started using the Skincare samples a couple of days ago and I can't get enough. Seriously super impressed. I have been battling dry skin on my face for months and putting on 2, 3, 4 moisturizers a night. I love the smell of the stuff. I'll be ordering at least the cleanser and moisturizer on payday next Friday. Thank you for sending them to me"

A testimonial for our Comfort Oil. This one from Christy P:

"❤️I have a NEW FAVORITE PURE HAVEN PRODUCT!!! ❤️MY. WORD. The NEW Pure Haven Comfort Oil is heaven sent! I have anxiety and carry ALL my stress and tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back. The pain is so bad that I require nightly heat application, weekly chiropractic care and monthly massage therapy to remain functional. For the past week I have been applying the Comfort Oil first thing in the morning, once during the day, sometimes once in the evening, and at night before I go to bed and I can instantly feel a difference as it works to relieve the pressure and soothe my tendons and muscles that are just constantly in knots!"

Pretty amazing testimonial from my customer, Carolyn about our Kid's Toothpaste.
I'm so honored to help her keep her son's teeth healthy and him HAPPY!

"Caleb is my 21 month old son....I had a terrible time getting him to let me ever brush his teeth!! He put up such a fight that it was nearly a nearly impossible feat to accomplish even though I started to brush his gums and then teeth at 3 months old with a very soft brush so he would be used to it!!! He suddenly stopped letting me when he started teething really bad! I had my mom, best friend, dad, and sister all no avail!! Needless to say....we were all very concerned about his teeth!! I have tried almost every baby/kids toothpaste I could find and he never liked them!!! Krissie with Live Pure Mama shared some samples of Pure Haven Kid's natural toothpaste, and it was an instant change!!! He loves it and actually now lets me brush his teeth using that toothpaste for over 2 minutes 2 times a day, and all with a smile on his face!!! He actually asks for more, and gets excited about tooth brushing time now!!! I panicked when I was running low, but got another sample and am going to buy more very soon!!! this is now a product we can't live without and my son's teeth are going to be much healthier now thanks to this product and this company!!" - Carolyn

My customer Cindy has been using the Skincare Line for almost two years now and has shared it with her two daughters as well. Just a few months after she discovered Pure Haven she wrote this to me:

"I really like the products I'm using. My skin feels really good and my rosacea is better than its been in ages. I'm a pretty hard sell when it comes to skincare products. I'll try anything, but there are very few things I can stick with. Can't wait to try the eye cream! Thanks for introducing me to Pure Haven!" - Cindy

Kid's toothpaste2.jpg

My friend, Laura posted this on her Facebook profile:

Shoutout to Krissie Lenahan for the amazing kids toothpaste I got from her!! 💜 My daughter fought to brush her teeth everyday bc she hated the taste of toothpaste (yes, we tried like 5 different kinds). This one is perfect and also toxin free! Now if she would just let me help her and not want to “do it myself” - Laura 😂

Skincare testimonial.jpg

I'm in the process of gathering testimonials! If you've tried a Pure Haven product that you love, I'd so appreciate your story. Please email me. Please include your name, your testimonial, before and after pictures if you have them (not required at all) and a picture of you (if you're willing) with our without your favorite Pure Haven product.