How do I shop for Pure Haven products?

Want to know my top 10 favorite products?

Let me tell you... it's VERY difficult to choose my "Top 10". Everyone has different needs and different favorites so make sure to ask if you would like a product suggestion for a specific need. There are so MANY amazing products by Pure Haven... 

These are MY Top 10 (currently): 

1. Deodorant - I feel like this product was my open door. I was *just about* to start making my own non-toxic deodorant when I found this entire company and this was one of my first products. I feel it has made the most significant difference in decreasing my "body burden". I LOVE that it doesn't have aluminum. I still sweat (as everyone should!) but I don't stink. Even my hubby uses it. $14.95 (now there’s a non-baking soda options too!)

2. Night Serum - This magic in a bottle is part of our top notch skincare line. It makes my skin feel SO nourished, so hydrated, so resilient. It's simply amazing and made with the best ingredients on earth. Tops the expensive serums by far in quality yet costs $29.95. NO brainer. Game changer. $29.95

3. Moisturizer - I cannot go to sleep without this on my face. When I lay down on my pillow at night this smell makes me so happy. It locks in the moisture of the Night Serum and smells absolutely FANTASTIC (like orange). Do you want to know why? It's made with organic orange essential oil - the REAL thing, not fragrance. When I lay with my son to put him to bed, he says, "You smell goooood!" $22.95

4. Surface Cleaner - I pretty much use this to clean all surfaces. It's made for hard surfaces like countertops, wood furniture, floors, linoleum, etc. but I also cheat and sometimes use it on soft surfaces like carpet and fabric furniture. It smells amazing and you can stretch it with about 1/4th water, making it a GREAT value. I use it to clean my kitchen nightly and feel so good cleaning with NO harsh chemicals! Two 17 oz bottles (1 with sprayer) $21.95.

5. Boo-boo stick - If I added up all the testimonials I've gotten from my direct customers, about half of them would be raving about the Boo-boo stick. It's in the Kid's line but is truly a must-have for everyone. Great for scrapes, burns, bruises, cramps, headaches, bee-stings, bug bites, cracked skin, psoriasis, cold sores... the list seriously goes on and on. $12.95

6. Hand & Body Lotion - I use this DAILY and keep mine in the car. It smells like Lemon-Lime and hydrates beautifully without feeling greasy. No petroleum by-products here. It soaks right in and hydrates and nourishes my hands, legs and arms like a charm. $16.95

7. Cheeky Bronzer - Just love how this is so blendable. I put it on over my foundation in the morning with a quick swipe under each cheek bone and blend with an angle brush. I can layer it or blend it however I wish and it seems to work well for all skin tones. $10.95.

8. Tranquility Essential Oil: A super lovely, calming blend of five essential oils: cedarwood, lavender, frankincense, sweet orange and chamomile. I love it in my diffuser, mixed in with the Unscented Hand & Body Lotion or in my diffuser necklace. $24.95 (I changed this from the video because the Peppermint Bar Soap became a seasonal product.)

9. Toothpaste - Minty, just like toothpaste should be (with just a tiny hint of clove). Sans fluoride, which, by the way, my dentist says is FINE. It actually seems to somehow make my mouth environment "happy". Sorry if this is TMI but I have less bad breath in the morning. It doesn't suds as much as regular toothpaste but my teeth feel just as clean and it lasts so long! $11.95

10: Hairspray - Another great way to decrease your daily "body burden" because hairspray is often one of the highest rated on the danger scale. Works great to hold my style/curl. Tip: spray and leave it - don't touch when wet. $15.95

Other AWESOME things I just HAVE to list...

  • Monster Spray!

  • Refresh Toner

  • Refresh Cleanser

  • Kid's Shampoo

  • Sugar Body Scrubs (I like Sweet Orange, Lemon or Peppermint)

  • Hand Soap

  • Foot Therapy Cream

  • Laundry Detergent

  • Tinted Lip Balm (I like Periwinkle)

  • Master Blaster - great stain remover

  • Cheeky Color Sticks

  • Kid's Massage & Body Lotion

  • Kid's Toothpaste

  • Hands On The Go (non-toxic hand sanitizer)

  • Geranium Lime Body Oil


Thanks so much for your support!!