What are the benefits of hosting?

  • Know that, by hosting, you are helping people you care about make significant changes in their health and helping to empower them in decreasing their risk for future disease.

  • The host rewards are awesome! If the sales from your workshop are over $200, you'll get free and discounted products according to this chart.

  • If your workshop sales go over $400, you'll also have the option to buy the deeply discounted "Monthly Host Bundle" (changes every month) which is usually worth about $100 for approximately $39. Alternatively, you can choose to buy our basic set of essential oils in a zipper carrying case for $69.

  • Finally, if two people from your workshop also host workshops that sell over $200, the original host (YOU) will earn your choice of the Two Booking Bonus options TOTALLY FREE!

What would I do as a host?

  • Either open your home or secure a public spot like a restaurant or coffee shop where we can hold the workshop.

  • Invite friends and family.

  • Interact with posts and guests on Facebook event leading up to workshop.

  • Provide snacks & beverages if in your home (super simple, not fancy).

  • Confirm and follow up with guests.

Host files for printing:

Let's do this! What's the first step?

  • Just email me or message on Facebook and we can schedule a date for your workshop.

  • One to four weeks out is ideal.

  • I'm willing to travel within 1 hour drive time from Vancouver, WA

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