These are companies, products or services I trust. I only recommend items I use. Products on this page are non-toxic and things I’d suggest for families trying to make good choices in all aspects of health. Some of these links are affiliate links and I will get a small payment for recommending (at no cost to you).

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For learning more about The Toxic Issue:

Natural Living:


  • Book: Selling it Softly, by Sue Rusch

  • Book: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, by Denise Duffield-Thomas

  • Trello - hands down the best app I’ve found for organizing your life and moving beyond sticky notes forever!

Personal Care



  • Glam Goddess B - another local mama who creates her OWN non-toxic makeup, specializing in eye shadows and mascara

Body Products:

  • Simply Royal Soap - local handcrafted pure soap, BEAUTIFUL for a gift, for a personal treat or for guest bathroom

Health & Fitness


  • Kangen Water Bar, Vancouver, WA (ionized, electrolyzed water with high ph)

  • Wildtree, healthy spice blends and mixes as well as meal planning and meal prepping kits using pure whole foods

  • Imperfect Produce - ugly produce delivered straight to your door! Help eliminate waste and get some great food VERY affordably. Fully customizable each delivery.


Home Goods


  • Under The Canopy

Kitchen Tools

Food Storage

  • Glass Food Storage containers (oven and dishwasher safe, though I recommend hand-washing lids)

  • Silicone collapsible reusable food bags. Not recommended for hot foods. Great for freezer or fridge.

  • Heather’s Treasures

Great Gifts


  • Royal Soap

  • Whimsy Chocolate


  • Once Upon a Pine - sign-making parties

  • Escape room

Family Services


  • That Nourished Life - Katie Peterson specializes in helping women who are navigating divorce walk through this challenge with dignity, self love and as much financial emotional and legal support as possible.

  • Partnered Path Parenting - Julia McGarey helps parents of Highly Sensitive Children feel more confident in understanding their child, tuned in and less stressed

Photography (in no particular order):

  • Red Letter Days

  • K Tobin Videography

  • Sarah Costa Photography

Financial Links:

  • Robinhood - easy app where even a novice can invest in stock and keep easy tabs on their investments.